The Garden…

This past weekend, I was blessed to have my grandparents come out to visit us. When we mentioned to them that we were starting a garden, they were so happy to assist us in our new adventure!

Now let me tell you, my grandparents have green thumbs! My grandpa runs the vegetable and flower garden and my grandma is a walking flower book. She can tell you what is growing in your yard like no one’s business!

So upon their arrival on Friday, we showed them the garden and I dug out all my seeds that Dustin and I had purchased several weeks back. They immediately told me that the size of the garden that we had already tilled was not going to fit all my seeds.

Well, it had already rained and the garden was pretty moist so my Grandpa’s tiller did the work but had to clean it out several times. We made a trip to Rapid City to pick up my gardening tools, like a rack, hoe, hose, and more plants. Lowes was a bad idea because my grandpa and I were like two kids in a candy store! But we sure had fun!

Anyways, we have two and half rows of onions, a cucumber patch, and a half of row of shallots already planted!

Today’s agenda: to get the rest of the garden planted and more flowers into their pots!

Check out the pictures from this past weekend with my grandparents and more later on! 🙂

The start of my flowers! I received this beautiful pot for my birthday and the flowers are just gorgeous!

My gardening experts!

My grandpa means business with the brush killer!

Planting my two and half rows of onions! I feel the fresh produce coming on!

Gardener Dustin tillin’ our garden patch, even bigger!

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