Interesting Findings…

The weather out here in west river South Dakota sure has mood swings. Yesterday was a beautiful day! Today was hot with a storm to follow. And we can’t forget about the wind! Earlier this week, one night got pretty cold and took a toll on one of our tomato plants. It’s pretty unfortunate but I’m positive that we can re-birth it and will be able to produce tomatoes!
Also, we did some yard cleaning. We are re-modeling our clothes line so we’ll be able to use it soon. Once we get it accomplished, we’ll show you the before and after pictures.

On a interesting note, when I was washing dishes tonight, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a female cardinal at our bird feeder. It reminded me when I was younger and visited my grandparents. I would sit in their kitchen and watch all the different type of birds visiting the bird feeder. One day, my grandma and I wrote stories about all the birds that visit the feeder that day…like Jennie the Finch! I can see where I get my bird lovin’ from because it’s definitely not my mom!

Well that’s all from the garden now! I’ll stop by again soon to let you know if anything new has been going on!


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