Rainy Days…

Nothing much has been happening in the garden lately, besides the fact that a few of my onions are sprouting! It has been cold and rainy here in West River, SD! I would like to get into my garden and get it all planted. However, good news arise today at my work. My ordered dwarf lemon tree and blueberry bush arrived. It made a deary days so bright. The lemon tree has two buds already growing!

The latest news on my tomato plant…still dying! After visiting my neighbors the weekend of May Day and bringing them a basket of goodies, we would strike up a conversation about my latest garden adventure. They basically made it sound that I was crazy for planting the tomato plant and that I should wait about the 3rd week of May. Well I guess I know for next year, if this year doesn’t drive me to craziness!

Dustin and I are going to have a crazy month a head of us. We are going to be gone every weekend to help celebrate friends in their new life, their wedding! We have three in a row and this coming week, his sister is graduating!

Last weekend, I had the most amazing time with my college roommate, best friend, sister I never had, many things can explain her but we sung our lungs out at a Miranda Lambert concert and then finally attempted to view some wedding dresses. It was so nice to have my #1 inspiration there…my mom!

Well I will keep my busy to update when something new strikes up! Hopefully the sun will peak and will give me a reason to blog!

Till the next time!


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