Formed A New Wrinkle…In My Brain…

As I finally saw the sun today for the first time since a couple of days, I thought I would share some interesting news and information for you. I haven’t been able to get outside to do anything since last week sometime because it has been so cold and dreary! It just makes me want to stay inside, cuddle up in a blanket and watch TV!

I hope to make some head way after the weekend! But today, when I was walking home for lunch, my neighbor Audrey caught up to me and she said, “Did Dustin tell you that I called over the weekend?”
I simply replied, “No, he didn’t.”
She continues on, “Well I was walking down to the Stakehouse for some supper and when I walked pass your house, I thought, about your beautiful flowers outside and the upcoming forecast. Then when I walked back home, I thought, I better call them and tell them they might want to bring their flowers in because of the cold weather coming.”
She did call and Dustin did bring them inside! But what good neighbors I have! I tell them about my garden and they give me some key pointers, which is great for being a novice at this whole gardening thing!
The reason for my title for this post, when I was at work today, I was causally going through some news stuff and on the Star Tribune website, they have a section called Greengirls! I sometimes pop on there to see if they have any helpful pieces.
Today was a tomato tips, which I desperately need since one of my tomato plants has thrown in the towel. They told me to plant my tomato plant on it’s side. Strange, I know!
Well anyways, I better get going so I can enjoy more of the sun! I hope you’ll do the same!
Have a great day! 🙂

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