Maniac Wednesday…

Greetings fellow blog followers! I know it’s been some time, but let me tell you about my schedule! This past weekend, we were at Dustin’s hometown for his sister’s graduation. We are so excited about her new adventure to college. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with family members, especially Dustin’s grandma and grandpa, aunt and cousins! I don’t know how his mom managed to cram 14 people into their farmhouse!

We took off Monday so we were able to catch up with family. Besides graduation, we attended Em’s soccer game (Dustin’s youngest sister). She is such an amazing player for being 12 year old. She scored two goals. Check out the picture below of her amazing skill!

Also, my mom stayed out in SD on Sunday night and all of us girls went dress shopping for the wedding. Let’s just say it was a successful day! I’m so blessed to be marrying into a wonderful family and having three sister-in-laws! They are so much fun!

I know I haven’t talked about my garden lately because it’s still the same since the last several post. I should of taken the opportunity to plant the rest of my garden yesterday since it was beautiful here in Philip yet a little windy. I hope to get the rest of my garden in before the weekend.

I have positive news though about my garden! All my onions and shallots have sprouted! After examining really close to the cucumber patch last night, I think they are sprouting as well!

Anyways, I think I have filled you in with all my news! I will be back before I head on the road this weekend for a wedding to give you an updated on my garden! Take care and hope your green thumb is doing well!


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