Mother Nature Hits…

I hope you haven’t blown away yet! I’m barely holding on and hoping that our house doesn’t lift off its foundation. It’s been very windy and humid today and around 5:15 p.m. it sure rained and produced a small amount of hail. But Mother Nature sure has had some issues lately!

This past weekend, we were back in Bristol for one of Dustin’s friend’s wedding. The weather was interesting as well. There was a few light storms and wind as well. However, it was a wonderful weekend to relax and that is what we did! We left early on Sunday to do some errands in Aberdeen before hitting the road. We stopped at Walmart and we should of never went to the garden center! I wanted to bring all these flowers home and all he keep telling me was, “We don’t have enough room!” The reason why because we had to bring his bike, had our luggage and purchased a weed whacker. I was pretty devastated!

Well I got over it, but we got home at a decent hour which allowed us to take care of the dandilions and to replant the tomato plants. That’s right, we got a new tomato plant to replace the one that took a hit with the weather earlier. Below is a photo of my garden, check out my sprouting onions and shallots! As well as, our new clothes line! Ready for nice weather so I can use it!

Also to mention, we have had a few new friends visiting us at our home…the Oriole and the Blue Jay. Check out their mug shots!

Once the weather nice and he stays around for awhile, I’ll get a better photo!

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