Memorial Weekend…

Before I head on the road for a grueling 7.5 hour trip home to MN, I thought I should post and wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend and safe travels if you are going to head on the road like I am!

There hasn’t been anything new with my garden lately, besides the fact that my beans are sprouting now! With being gone from home for the next three days, I hope everything survives. Temperatures here in Philip are pretty hot. When I scooped out the weather last night on the, it was forecasting to be 95 stinkin’ hot degrees in Philip today!

I have many things planned for the weekend. Sheering lambs, attending a family friend wedding, fixing fence, and visiting old friends are a few things to name! It’s a wonderful feeling to be going home to your stomping grounds. I’ll have my camera in hand as I snap a few photos of the calf crop and my hard work from over the weekend! Look for an update next week!

Anyways, safe travels and I’ll be in touch in the next couple days!


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