Almost 5,000 miles and counting…

Memorial weekend was an amazing time to be home and see family and friends! I’m a true country girl at heart and loves spending as much time on the farm as possible. It was an action packed weekend! Dustin and I arrived around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, slept for a few hours and the craziness starts!

I usually can’t sleep past 8 a.m. to save my life so bright-eyed and bushy tailed I was wake with my mom’s amazement of why I’m up at this time. My mom and I spontaeously went into town and got pedicures. It felt amazing! We then rushed home to feed the men and then took off for Willmar to get stuff for her landscaping around the house. We quickly drove back to get ready for the wedding that evening. I want to extend my congratulations to Andrea and Chris and Chuck and Jaime on their blessed day! Dustin and I wish you the best on your new adventure together! Anyways, that’s what I did in one day on 7 hours of sleep!

Sunday was looking much better…less to do and a more relax day. I started off with a nice 1.6 mile run down our road. It was nice to get out but man, when that wind is against you, you struggle! When I sprinted home, I saw my mom and dad out laying the mulch around my mom’s plants. NOW let me tell you something, I found out over the weekend about why my mom has done this is because when she received a plant from her office, I told her, ” I bet it will only last 5 days!” She did not like that, so now I can say that I lit some fire under her butt to prove me wrong!

Around lunch time, the sheering began. Autumn and Alyssa, who house their animals at our farm came out to work. Autumn and I combined sheered four lambs in two hours, despite some clipper issues. Check out the photos below of the fun time!

Autumn and Alyssa, who I have know since they were little now show lambs and pigs for 4-H!

The walking crew!

Autumn working her sheering magic!

Later that evening, my parents had a grill out where some family friends showed up and some friends that I haven’t seen for a very long time did as well! It was so much fun to catch up with them. Especially my longtime friend, Amy who I’ve known since kindergarten and is getting married next March. We talked about wedding stuff and caught up on the latest gossip!

Let’s just say Memorial weekend was an action-packed one! Unfortuentaly, I couldn’t get any pictures because the battery in my camera died. It was a depressing moment! Next time when I visit, I will do my best to capture my farm life. On a positive note, when we arrived back in Philip, I immediately went to check my garden to make sure nothing roasted over the weekend, my beans sprouted over the weekend! It’s amazing…now I’m just waiting for carrots, chiles and peppers to show their colors!

Now the reason for the title of this blog post, Dustin and I got a new car and we’ve had it for about a month now and we almost have racked up 5,000 miles on it! This weekend, we hit the road one last time for a while to head north to Aberdeen. One of Dustin’s high school friends is getting hitched and we look forward to sharing this special day with them and seeing some more friends.

Well, until the next post…enjoy the beautiful and sunny weather!


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