Weekend Delight…

After much traveling in the past month, we have finally parked the car hopefully for several weeks now. Dustin and I have had shared many minutes and hours on the road to see family and friends plus to share a special day with many friends as they say their vows to one another. It has been so much fun!

To recap all of you avid readers what happened over the weekend, we were in the Aberdeen area. One of Dustin’s high school friends Adam said I do to his new wife Adrienne. Dustin was an usher and did an amazing job! It was a fun time to catch up with friends! Check out the photos below!

Our photo before the wedding!

High school reunion for Dustin, well minus two!

Taylor (Aaron & Stacy’s 6 month old) shaken her groove thing!

We travel to Pierpont to spend time with Dustin’s family. I finally experience my first camping adventure even though we stayed in a camper. It was so much fun to sit outside and enjoy the nature. Dustin’s uncle, Eugene took me out fishing. It was so much fun to re-live my childhood. I would go fishing with my grandpa down at Round Lake, just down the road from my home. Well, this fishing adventure with Eugene was different. I got a bite and I was using all my might to reel this slimming thing in. Right when I thought it was close to the top, SNAP, there went my line. I was disappointed! Say, I still had fun though!

Ready for my fishing adventure!

Of all things, Dustin catches a fish right when we parked the boat at the dock!

What you lookin’ at?!?

Here is my garden update. Onions are becoming overbearing, beans are still growing, tomato plants are still alive, and the carrots have showed their face. We are just waiting for the peppers and chiles to surface! We got a nice little shower early this evening, just right when Dustin was going to through the kabobs on the grill. It will be exciting to see in the next couple weeks what the garden will do!

Don’t mind the weeds in the front!

This is what you look like when you want to grill and its raining!

Until the next post…hopefully the sun will shine!


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