It’s Friday…

Alleluia! It’s Friday! I don’t know if it’s just me but this week has felt like it took centuries to get to this day! It could of been Mother Nature’s mixed emotions of the weather or just trying to recuperate from all the traveling we have done in the past month!

Dustin and I have nothing planned for this weekend, well I take that back! We need to run to Rapid City and stock our fridge again. I’m looking forward to having some quality time at home. My plan is to work our washer and dryer to death and polish the woodwork that seems to be caked with dust. It will be a nice time to get everything organized again!

I have a few updates! First one, marathon training. I haven’t talked much about the grueling training that I have done to get into shape for our office marathon rely in October. We have conquered a month of training already and I can proudly say that I can run a constant 2 miles! Just 2.5 miles to go!

Second update, our garden has really grown in the last couple days. With all this heat and rain we have been getting, hopefully some produce will be coming soon. The only things that I’m waiting to sprout is the peppers and chiles. I think within a week they should be peaking through the ground.

I know that this post isn’t all to exciting but I thought I would keep you on your toes with some news! I hope everyone will enjoy the weekend like I will be doing!

Until the next rain storm…set some time aside to relax!


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