Weekend Chaos…

Hello readers! After a busy weekend, I thought I would fill you in with my weekend happenings! Brace yourself, it’s busy!

This weekend was Philip Days, what a better way for Dustin and I hopefully meeting some people. On Friday, we attended the Matched Bronc Rodeo. It was an awesome event and well attended. My favorite part was able to watch J.J. Elshere, World Champion saddle bronc rider, spur his horse to make it far into the competition. Then we grooved on downtown to listen to Dustin Evens and throw back some drinks with friends.

World Champion, J.J. Elshere

And he’s out…

Saddle on up…these little cowboys pony bronc!

Saturday was pretty busy. The Cattle Business Weekly sported our stuff in the Philip Days parade. Let’s just say, I always knew that I had the 80’s spirit in me! And I think I went over the top. We were promoting our marathon rely. Check out pictures below. Besides the parade, we were able to conquer our crazy lawn and spruce the garden up. After a long day of work, we were spectators at the demo derby. It was a great night to relax!

Running and Writing for the Brand..CBW represents!

Rockin’ the side pony!

So Sunday leads me to express my greatness of cooking. I made my first apple pie. Let’s just say, 4-H has been beneficial in creating me into a Betty Crocker! Since today has been gorgeous, Dustin and I prepared a feast for supper. It was amazing!

Drum roll please….My simply delicious apple pie!

Enough with the cooking, I have exciting news. A package from my grandma arrived on Saturday with a rain gauge and a ton of pictures of me from when I was a baby to when I graduated from college. It has been so much fun looking at those. My garden is doing really well. Everything is up from under the ground and growing. We got hit with rain tonight and experience our first tornado siren tonight. However, there was no damage! I’ll have to see how much we got tomorrow morning!

My new garden ornament!

I better stop rambling! Just wanted to update!

Until next time…maybe I’ll try my hand at making a cherry pie!


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