Road Trip or Road Trips?

Hello everyone! I know, I know, it’s been some time! I just got back from a road trip, a rather long one! I was in Iowa, and I know why they call it the corn capital of the world! I attended the National Junior Simmental Classic in Des Monies. It was a lot of fun being their and capturing moments for work. I was able to reunite with old cattle friends that I haven’t seen in five years. While I was down there working, I did a few assignments. One consisted of going to a restaurant and eating. Don’t you love your job when you can do that? I wrote a review for the Cattle Business Weekly on Rube’s Steaks…look for it in the Aug. 4 issue! It was mighty delicious!

So after my couple of days in Iowa, I headed north to my home state, Minnesota. It was a good feeling being back. I saw the lambs, pigs, and calves! An important detail that I took care of while being at home was my mom and I conquered dress shopping once again. Let’s just say, we had a successful day! It was fun to have some girls time! Besides that, I got to see friends and experience a storm, well not really but rain for the first time since a month!

While being at home, I got to see my grandparents, you know them, the garden wizards! Right before church I made a visit and my grandpa had to show me his garden, while in the back of mine I was thinking what mine looked like. I’m so jealous of my grandpa. He even has WATERMELON growing out of a pot! I did learn something from him though…ever heard of potting everything? Well that’s what I’m going to do next year…no more weeds! But I’m impressed with my grandpa’s achievements!

Now that leads me to my own garden! Since I’ve been gone for five days, my wonderful love, Dustin took care of everything, even weeded a section! Anyways, I mentioned about the grasshoppers last time…I was crushed when I visited my garden this morning and I have nothing left of my bean plants. 😦 However, Dustin sprinkled this “Seven” stuff on the garden and I didn’t see anything so maybe with a little MircleGro they’ll come back! Fingers crossed!

Well, that’s my update for now. I’m back on the road tomorrow for a work field trip and then onto Sioux Falls on Sunday. Doesn’t my schedule sound like May? I think so! I’ll be back to update again…hopefully soon again!


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