The State-Wide Traveler…

It’s a new month and two-weeks since I last posted something. I have gotten an e-mail from my grandparents with concern. No lie, there is over 7,500 miles on our car now. I’ve earned a new name, The State-Wide Traveler. That is my reason for my lack of dedication to keep you inform about my life happenings.

Well let’s start back two weeks ago. I promise I won’t bore you a lot of information. My main crisis are the grasshoppers. How can they be so insincere? They took over my garden and is very depressing. The only thing they have really ate are the beans. We have used Tempo and Seven to get rid of those pestie buggers! Below is a photo of the devastation that they have done.

My beans look more like green twigs coming out of the ground. If you do notice, we do have beans growing! 🙂

Now onto my glory, we have tomatoes! We haven’t picked them yet. Just waiting for them to get a little more red. It has been exciting to see our fruits of labor come to work!

Dustin and I would like to share something interesting with all of you. This past Saturday we attend a friend’s wedding in Lake Preston. It was a beautiful day! On our way home, outside of Pierre we passed this operation.

Line them John Deere’s up, 7 grain carts and 21 combines!

Out here in South Dakota, farmers tend to take on so much land that during harvest, many custom harvesters from all over come to assist. It’s amazing how many acres of wheat just one farmer could possibly have. Dustin and I figured that there was almost $3 million of equipment sitting in that field. It was a sight!

Next on the agenda for us, nothing! We are going to be staying in Philip for awhile. Next time we are on the road, Labor Day weekend to MN! At that time, the sunflowers should be a full bloom out here. I hope to grab a few photos of them on our way to MN.

Until next time, I hope we aren’t in a drought! Just kidding! But it would be nice to get a little more rain that what we have had.


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