Summer Adventures…

Finally racked over 10,000 miles on our car since April, I thought I would finally post something. I’m just kidding! I’ve been busy over the past couple summer that I’m sorry to say, I put this on the back-burner. It’s the first week of September and hopefully I’ll be more faithful to my blogging.

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of typing which would turn into a novel, that I decided to do a picture blog of the things I have done since the last time I’ve left you hanging. You know picture books? They were my favorite when I was younger, hence today I don’t like to read and I like pictures!

Enjoy my picture book blog!

Traveling around Custer State Park during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Photo opt at Needles Highway…it was a sight!

Downtown Sturgis packed with motorcycles…this doesn’t do justice to what you see in real life!

Out of the ordinary! Do you wonder who does those Wall Drug signs? Well, they are done right across from my office window!

Adventures to the MN State Fair to see these two girls, my little girls!

And this one…is a spitin’ image of me. It makes me tear up!

Best for last…my best friend and her little one! I’m his make-believe, long distance aunt that rarely visits. It makes me want to move closer to home!

Quick garden update: Almost done for the year. Tomatoes coming out of our ears. Grasshoppers destroyed our beans. Peppers are still non-existent. Carrots are still in the ground. And, new cukes growing. I would say it was a successful garden for our first year. Next year, expect more-like sweet corn? We’ll see I guess!

Until next time, I promise I will try my best to not shove this to the back burner!


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