Great Ideas…

This past weekend was quite a nice and relaxing time! And I mean it when I say relaxing…on Saturday, I stayed in my pajamas until 3 in the afternoon. I was up early though due to my sleeping pattern through the weekdays but I consumed my time with watching DC Cupcakes on TLC. In which it spurred my first great idea…

I’m going to open a bakery. Well not really, but would love to. After watching the marathon of DC Cupcakes, it made me want to bake up some cupcakes. Yummy in my tummy! Also what is great in my tummy are whoppie pies. Now if you haven’t heard about whoppie pies, I’ll let you in on what they are. They are a cake cookie. It’s two cake-like top and bottoms with a delicious filling. I was so excited about them that I even bought my own whoppie pie cookbook!

My next idea is creating a huge garden. I’m not lying when I say this because over the weekend when we went to the bookstore and spent over $140 in goodies, we picked up a canning book. Therefore, that’s why we are going to have a big garden next year. On the agenda…Beets, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Beans, Onions, Sweet Corn if we can get to grow in this dry environment, and the list keeps growing. Heck, I just might just try some pumpkins!

Okay, well those are my big ideas right now. I know that I had a few more but trying to catch my favorite television shows and doing this at the same times, is asking a lot! Another relaxing weekend is planned for this weekend but I need to get some cleaning done. It looks like a tornado has gone through our house.

A side note: I’m addicted to Super Mario Brothers Wii, thanks to my wonderful and loving fiance. We just had to buy it and it has consumed two of my nights this week so far!

Anyways, if I ponder on some more great ideas, I’ll be sure to inform you. Next time I blog, maybe I should let you in on my bucket list. The list is getting longer and longer.


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