Goal Setting…

Greetings to you on a not so sunny day! The skies are gloomy here in Philip and temperatures are chilly! According to the news that I watch this morning, at a little after midnight, we spin into the fall season. That’s my favorite–time for bundling up and leaves are changing colors!

Anyways, I better get on with what I want to say, since I’m just wanted to quickly blog what I found while I’m searching the news for work this morning. Please don’t tell my boss!

Remember the last time I blogged? Yes, I know I go in spurts but I mentioned on how I wanted to canning all my goodies for next year depending on a successful garden. This post I found just made me want to set a goal to can 99 jars of tastiness! Check out the post at the end of the blog.

On other notes, I’ve been out of commission on running the past couple of days. I hope to get back to running tonight since the big run is next Sunday. Yikes! Great news, my ma and pa are coming out next Thursday. I’m pretty stoked to see them since it’s been about a year since they’ve been out here. I hope they surprise me with their new wheels because I’m nervous that their current automobile will be able to make it out here. How many miles does that moving device have now, Mom?

Well I better get back to work! Remember this secret post is between you and me…don’t share with the boss! JK! Have a wonderful day!



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