Success and Love…

Hello my fellow readers! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you but it was go time before I conquered the marathon relay on Sunday. And by my surprise, I ran my leg of the race, 4.2 miles in an hour, which I had set before I sprinted across the exchange line.

I’ll give you a rundown what was going through my mind as I took on this 4.2 mile leg…
1. Oh lordy, here comes Codi! Here’s go time as I was read to puke!

2. Okay, I’m doing well. I can vaguely see my future mother in law in front of me!

3. Oh crap, my mouth is getting dry and I’m exhausted!

4. You can do it Sara, as I told myself every step I took!

5. Are you serious? My future mother in law is already heading back! I really got to pick up my pace!

6. I saw Vegas Man as he was running his 135 marathons mumble something to me as I had my music blaring in my ears!

7. I’m almost there! I’m almost there as I repeat that phase frequently to myself.

8. FYI, don’t drink water while trying to run. There are some repercussions!

9. Okay, old man! Make up your mind..stay behind me or pick up your pace so I don’t have keep passing you nor you have to keep passing me!

10. ½ a mile to go…I can see my destiny!

It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something like that. I would of never thought in my wildest dreams that I would to running 4.2 miles. It was awesome! Also, what made this experience amazing was to have some family participating too. My future mother in law and sisters in law also ran. I loved every minute being with them and my co-workers!

Probably the biggest joy of this whole weekend was having my ma and pa out visiting. It was the first time that my ma and pa were out since we moved to Philip on Oct. 30 so it was fun to show them the West River country.

I know that this is short but I’m exhausted just thinking about what I accomplished yesterday! Have a wonderful day my fellow readers!

Here I’ma comin’!


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