A Year of Greatness…

Happy Halloween family and friends! Are you ready for some adorable kids to arrive at your doorstep with the cutest outfits on just like Dustin and I are? We have to note, it’s been a year since Dustin and I moved out here. Last year on Halloween day, my parents and Dustin’s whole family piled into vehicles to make our way West for us to start a new adventure.

Part of the crew who lend their helping hands to move us in our humble abode last year!

This new adventure for Dustin and I have been filled with joy. It feels like we are already married, however we aren’t yet, in June we will mark that date ours when we become a unit and I no longer carry the Thissen name, but that’s ways away! We have learned to rely on one another, and I have definitely learned not to get angry when Dustin just wants to relax and the house could be cleaned!

We have made a few adjustments while living here. Dustin moved to Philip as an auto mechanic but in August started a new job being a chef at the local hospital. It has been a wonderful transition for him, if I do say so myself because I come home from work with him in the kitchen cooking. I make up for it by baking him goodies on Sundays. We have joked that if things don’t work out here in Philip and we move closer to family, we will open our own bistro. He cooks and I bake!

Dustin and I have been truly blessed with the support from our families while making this transition together. Through our jobs, we have formed many friendships. So we are happy to tell you that we are not complete homebodies! As we look ahead, I’m super excited to say that my family is coming out for Thanksgiving. I’ve always wanted to prepare a turkey and this is my year!

So I know its Sunday and I just told you that I bake on Sunday, let’s just say I have no eggs! Key ingredients in my Oreo Cheesecakes and S’more Bars. I will post pictures and recipes on Tuesday! I better get ready for those trick-o-treaters! I hope we get some because we have 250 pieces of candy to hand out and it would be unfortunate if I had to eat all those!


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