Four Years and Counting…

Good evening everyone! I hope you guys have experienced beautiful weather today. For me, not so much! Currently our temperature gauge tells me its 41 degrees out and I don’t think it peaked 50 today. It was a chilly one here in Philip!

However, I have something to share with you that warmed me up today and hope to warm your hearts up too. Dustin and I have been together for four years today! It’s amazing how the years go by and the laughter, smiles, tears, joys, and arguments we have shared will keep on continuing. Not many realize that we just met out of the blue at a rodeo dance. Now, how fitting is that?

I know it’s lame to say that we are having our anniversary but its a date for now that we can share together until we are united in marriage. And I know we have been engaged for a while, but we wouldn’t have any other way. I think I would be a basket case if we didn’t wait so long. We are still learning to adapt to one another and we’ll just keep learning. I think waiting has helped us grow into a unit and sort things how before we convert to being one.

So anyways, Dustin and I very excited to being tying the knot in June after two long years of being in engaged. We have been blessed with such wonderful families who have supported us through these past four years. Let’s just say I’m happy to become Mrs. Koepke. I just need to work on my new signature because nothing like Thissen!

To remember the past four years, here is a photo collage of Dustin and I and the many memories we have shared!

Well I hope we have warmed your hearts tonight! I would like to mention that I have had wonderful role models to show me what a true loving relationship is, and that’s my parents! I have been fortunate enough to have been brought up in a wonderful family and know the true meaning of love!


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