Busy Start to December…

It’s only the second day of December and I’m exhausted! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving because I had the absolute best Thanksgiving I could ask for.

My grandparents, parents, brother and sister-in-law, and Dustin’s dad piled into the house and engulfed a lot of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and the whole kitten-kaboodle! I was so blessed to have my wonderful grandparents here a couple days before the grand day. I asked my grandma on Thanksgiving, “How in the world did you manage to prepare all this food by yourself?” I was wiped when all the cooking was over with.

There are so many words to describe my grandparents. They are incredibly loving and the best!

My first incounter with the “Bird”! We bonded when it perked his wings through the package!

Our first time cooking Thanksgiving, and might be the last!

With plumped bellies, we somewhat gathered in the TV room, where Dustin and Jay busted out the Wii and played some games. It was a time to laugh and join in conversation like every year, but usually there is more room and we watch a holiday movie where I fall asleep. This should not be a surprise because I’m known to fall asleep during movies!

Instead of joining in the Wii festivities, I mapped out my Black Friday shopping. The week leading to this significant day, I studied up on my Black Friday knowledge since this was my first time going as an adult. When we were kids, my mom would take us the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is something I will not forget. Speaking of this year though, I LOVED my Black Friday shopping experience, however, I was not one of those yahoos that were camping out hours before the store opened. I did wish we would of left earlier because some things that I did want to purchase were sold out. This day will be on my calendar for years to come for sure!

As my grandparents took off on Friday and still left with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law, we spent the night in Rapid City. We did some wine tasting in Hill City and after much debate where to eat, we stayed in Hill City to have supper. A popular restaurant called the Alpine Inn left us standing outside for an hour and half but to listen to music, enjoying roasted chestnuts, and the parade to our surprise. However, when we were called for our seats, we thought we would be browsing over a lavishing menu but to our surprise, they only serve Filet Mignon! It was rather tasty but people talk about their desserts being superb and I will not disagree as I added 2o more pounds to my waste line!

Our time in Hill City!

The big highlight of this whole blog is that Dustin and I ended up moving homes in town. I know my family wasn’t really thrilled to being moving us when it was their weekend of rest but this transition has been the best. We have much more room and a bigger kitchen. That’s the only thing that makes me happy about this house!

Even though its the second day of the month, I have a feeling that this month is going to go by super fast so I better enjoy it as much as I can. A sneak peek in the next couple of blogs will be about Christmas goodies! I’ll let you ponder on that thought!


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