Call Me the Crazy Baking Lady…

So it has been a couple weeks since I last posted and I thought since I’ve been crazy, I’ll make time in my evening and stop listening to Christmas music 24/7 to informing you on my madness!

Honestly you won’t believe what I’ve been doing besides working and finding wonderful people to interview for articles at work. I’ve been baking, imagine that! Haha!

No really, our house has been filled with yummy smells and between Dustin and I, we have gained at least 20 pounds. He keeps telling me that he’s trying to keep his “boyish” figure, and I’m not helping!

Last week, I was occupied by getting Christmas goodies together to give to our new neighbors as well as former. Then I treated my coworkers to a goodies sack also. After finding out who are new neighbors are, we are truly blessed. They are some wonderful people!

Here is what I’ve been up too…the pictures will tell it all! In my divine goodie baskets, there are gingersnaps, white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate dipped peanut butter balls, and peanut butter blossoms!

Let’s just say my first time baking gingersnaps didn’t go so swell! So which ones turned out? You take a guess! If you guessed the right, you are so wrong!

My yummy treats!

Yay for Christmas goodie baskets!

So my baking hasn’t stopped there. Just tonight I whipped up a batch of more gingersnaps because I rounded up some hooligans that wanted to have a cookie exchange with me. (Man, I feel so loved!)

So I hope you can forgive me on my blogging. Along with the cookie exchange, I believe that Dustin and I are going to head to Pierre to see his family and to see our family photo at the capitol. That’s right, I’m famous…I made the Bristol tree in the SD capitol. Look for pictures later on my fame!

But as of right now, we are gearing up for Christmas! I will post before we leave again to let you in on our wonderful plans that is you going you think we are crazy! Until next time…over and out!


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