Off to the Frozen Tundra…

I’m very excited for this day and of all things, it’s Tuesday. Now who would be very excited on a Tuesday? I AM! The reason why is (drum roll, please!), I’m heading home and get to spend time with all my families, that includes my soon to be families too!

There is something about that holidays that just give me the warm fuzzies! Usually, I’m in frantic mode because I still need to get gifts. Not the case this year, I fortunately got all my shopping done on Black Friday which is a first for me! I love the holidays because it allows us to spend time with families, especially now since I live 8 hours away.

I don’t have a favorite Christmas memory because I think they all have a special meaning. The one Christmas-related story that I enjoy the most is listening to my mom explain to people when I was a kiddo and we went to take Christmas photos. Let’s just say I didn’t want anything to do with someone taking my picture so I ripped down the photographer’s backdrop AND I wasn’t put on the naughty list either!

So anyways, I’m going to keep this brief. I’ll be back to post pictures from the wonderful cookie exchange on Saturday as well as Christmas at the Capitol hopefully tomorrow! If you don’t hear from in a week or so, I froze to death in MN! Have a wonderful Christmas with all your families!


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