Holiday Love & Cheer…

Before I gallivant on telling you about our Christmas highlights, I would like to share some pre-Christmas moments. Earlier, I mentioned how we traveled to Pierre (the capitol of SD, for those who don’t know) to meet up with my fiance’s parents and see all the beautiful Christmas trees decorated at the Capitol. We went specifically because some trees that stand so precious with many meanings are donated. Well, small town Bristol (where my honey is from) had a tree placed and our family photo was hanging so brightly. Pictures will make you feel you were there!

Also, I mentioned how I put on my first cookie exchange. Just a few girls and I gathered to taste cookies, pack on a few calories, and share our goodies. This was truly a fun event for me since I don’t know many people in this small town.

The girls and the calorie packing cookies!

Okay enough with my updates, I’ll get to the juicy stuff! First, I just want to mention I can’t believe that Christmas is already over. I just remember thinking on Dec. 1 that Christmas was so far away and I didn’t have to fret on my gift shopping because that was all accomplished on Black Friday. This Christmas was truly amazing for us. We ended up making all three family Christmases!

Our adventures started in MN where I’m originally from. I grew up on a farm and I enjoy going back when I can. When we reached our destination, boy, oh boy was there snow. Mounds of snow just filled my parent’s yard. While our stay was busy due to wedding planning, I was able to capture a few pictures of our snow-covered Simmental cattle.

My wonderful family!

After a couple days with my family, we headed back to SD where we spent a couple of hours with Dustin’s dad’s family and then hit the road to his mom’s home. Now before I left for our holiday adventures, I blogged about heading to the frozen tundra. I wasn’t joking about it either–when we left to come home on Sunday, the temperatures where in the negatives and the wind wasn’t so nice. To note, when we got past Pierre, our car told us it was 30 degrees, HEAT WAVE!

The beautiful sight before we left to head home.

So after much rambling, I ponder what 2011 will bring us. We have so much to look forward to. I’ll continue to be busy with work while traveling and writing article. As well as putting finishing touches on our wedding plans, as that is only 6 months away. As I sign off for the night, we would like to wish you and your families a prosperous New Year!


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