Happy New Year…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are enjoying the first day of the year. I am now after we were dampened with a gusty blizzard yesterday. So the sun is out today and my nice, kind neighbor from across the street blew our garage out that now, I’m spending my time by getting a start on my New Year’s resolutions. I can check one off my list…giving my blog a new fresh look and a true meaning.

You notice that my blog title has changed but the meaning of my blogs are still the same. I have been blogging since April and the main purpose was to keep my family updated on my first garden. Well, we all know a garden usually grows in the summer into early fall months, so that left me with what am I going to blog about in the winter months.

Once Dustin and I got acquainted to living in western South Dakota and a new home, I spent majority of my time in the kitchen. I love the kitchen! If I’m not lounging on the couch, that’s where you can find me. (I think I’m turning into my future mother-in-law-Love you Ma2!) I feel like I’m a Betty Crocker half the time in my life. Therefore, my first New Year’s resolution is keep updating you with some new recipes we have tried but also channeling my agricultural roots. Dustin and I will continue to garden and hope to build a bigger and better garden this coming year to use in our cooking. Also, we have plans to sell some of our fresh produce and canned goods at our local farmers market.

This blog change isn’t my only resolution. I have many! Here are a few:
1. Become more involved on AgChat through Twitter. I’m just going to come out and say it, “I’m a Social Media addict!” Okay, I feel better! I love Twitter and the people on there. So, I hope some things I learn through AgChat discussions I will be able to share with you through here.

2. Start eating healthy. Well, I already do but just fine tune somethings. After seeing my grandparents over Christmas, all I can say is “Impressive!” They count their calories and have loss a lot! (Keep up the good work!)

3. Start a new side business and be successful at it. I’m becoming a Thirty-One gifts consultant this month. I will be starting a Facebook page but I’ll let you know more details as the time comes. I’ve very excited for this new opportunity, which will allow me to meet more people in this small town of 890!

4. Finally, I plan to enjoy my love life and life in general. I’m very excited to be tying the knot with my best friend on June 25. I can’t believe we have been in engaged for year and a half already and now the big day is only 6 months away.

I hope you have your resolution(s) set! I want to wish you the best on succeeding them as well as a prosperous new year! I’m very excited for my new changes and hope you enjoy reading my blog more than you did before!


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