Apologies, Busy Time & Food…

Dear faithful blog readers,
I’m deeply sorry about my absence! I hope you will understand that I have been treading water to keep my head above the water since Jan. 11th (the last time I posted)! My life has been incredibly busy and I just don’t know where the last two weeks went. Is it really Jan. 26th? I must be dreaming! Anyways, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me and to continue reading my blog. I will vow not to be absent for this long every again! If I am, I will throw you a pizza party, well I’ll send you cookies instead!

Sincerely yours,
Unfaithful blog writer, Sara

As I noted in my apology letter, I have been busy. Life has been busy in general! I have been so busy that I think Dustin even feels neglected…not good! 😦 Here is my run down of events:

Big sections = a lot of writing! We are getting ready for the many stock/farm shows that are going to be taking place in the next couple weeks. I will be attending the Black Hills Stock Show this weekend and the Watertown Farm Show the second week of February. Then its off the Nebraska where I will attend the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic and attend my first Women in Ag conference. I can’t wait to share some details from that when I get back. I’m very excited to be out on the road during this time of the year!

Thirty-One Gifts: I’m officially a consultant now and very excited to meet as many new ladies who loves purses and organizing, just like me! I’m holding my Open House in Philip tomorrow. I hope that some ladies will come out because I would like to meet more in the community. As Dustin puts it (in reference to the ladies who work at the hospital), “No one knows you!”

Baking/Cooking: On the slower side! Tonight I will be using my new mixer that I received for Christmas to whip up some cookies for the Open House. We have made our own pizza dough, which I have to add that was mighty delicious! But I would like to extend a thank you to who ever invented TV dinners. Thank you! Just kidding, I’m not making Dustin eat them. I have been able to cook some meals here and there.

I would like to share a recipe with you though. It’s my Ma 2 (my future mother-in-law)’s homemade granola recipe! It’s great to eat as a cereal or to just eat plain. Currently, I’m on my eighth little bag! (JK!)

Recipe: Ma 2’s Granola
1 box Wheaties
10 cups of oatmeal
2 cups wheat germ
1/2 cup coconut (optional, we didn’t use it!)
1 cup sesame seed
1 cup dry roasted nuts
1 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups Caraisins (optional, but we used them!)

1 1/2 cup honey
1 cup warm water
1 cup corn or peanut oil
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large roaster pan (I’m not kidding, its a large batch). Then pour the “sauce” over the dry ingredients and mix in so everything looks coated. Place on a larger baking sheet or split batch in half. Bake at 350º at 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, stir and bake for another 10 minutes.

After it cools, store in container or ziploc bags. We put ours in the refrigerator. This recipe is so yummy and could possibly save you money on cereal.

Well, that’s all the updating that I have for now. I will make sure that I will post after this weekend since there will be many happenings. I’m very excited to feel “at home” this weekend because I will be surrounded by cowboy boots and hats, and cattle!


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