Meet Jet…

Hello everyone! Dustin and I have an announcement to make! We would like to tell you that we have a new addition to our household! Meet Jet, our lovable Basset Hound!

He’s 7.5 weeks old. His ears touch the floor. He a sniffing and chewing monster. But he loves to cuddle!

Thanks to your neighbor who donated a chew bone, which he loves now!

We have had many discussions about getting a dog and narrowing down to what breed. Dustin wanted to get a bulldog and I wanted to get a Corgi. But some how, we both fell in love with a Basset Hound. It was probably because I go on Pioneer Women’s website daily to see if she has any updates about Charlie, her Basset Hound, and obviously had to share them with Dustin!

As new puppy parents, I think Dustin and I have done very well. The first couple nights he cried in his kennel but last night, I think he slept through the whole night. The only reason that I can think of why he did that is Dustin took him for a walk up and down a rather large hill. Dustin said half way through he stopped and sat down at the bottom of the hill, telling him he’s not walking up that again!

Nap time!

For every new puppy owners, potty training is a nightmare. However, I think we got a system down and Jet is adapting very well and making fewer accidents each day!

I know many family and friends wanted to see photos. I tried my best to upload photos as soon as possible but guess what, Jet is a little camera shy. Every time I take a photo, he either turns his head or runs away! We’ll work on that one!

But that’s all I have for now. This weekend we are going to take Jet for a long car ride to Rapid City. We need to get him a few essentials like a collar, leash, a small kennel for when he goes to MN or to Bristol, and chew toys of course! I’ll be sure to update more about Jet as we cross some major barricades!


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