Checkin’ My List…

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are one more day closer to the weekend and we one day closer to packing up the car and heading east to my native state, Minnesota! I’m very excited about this weekend in particular because my aunts and my mom’s wonderful herd of girlfriends are throwing a bridal shower for me, AND I get to see all my family and friends. That’s even including my soon to be family members!

Now on the eve before we leave, it’s usually a mad house. I’m doing laundry, cleaning the house and car, and packing all our belongings at the last minute. Usually I make a list of what needs to be done all the way down to how many undergarments we need to pack. Yes, I’m like that because we don’t need any necessary trips to Walmart!

However this trip is going to be the most interesting because we have our beloved dog, Jet. He is going to experience his first long, enduring trip to Minnesota. I’m just hoping for the best–that he’s going to sleep the whole time!

So here’s my wonderful to-do list for tonight:
1. Sit and relax for 1 minute after work.
2. Sort out the clothes I would like to wear.
3. Eat the left overs.
4. Make a few phone calls.
5. Pack my 7 outfits and pairs of shoes. I’m just kidding. Dustin thinks I pack way too much clothes and shoes for the 3 days that we visit.
6. Give Jet a bath, clean out his ears, and pack his belongings. What a high maintenance dog!
7. Go to sleep, maybe!

Well I better get going! Time is wasting away! And for grandma and grandpa, I know you check everyday, we can’t wait to see you! Lunch on Friday? I shall be back after the weekend! Enjoy the sun and beautiful weather that Mother Nature has blessed us with these couple days! Next thing on my mind, gardening!


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