Oh man, I can’t believe where the days have gone! Time is catching up with us here in Philip. In a mere two weeks, I will be a married woman. A time that I have been waiting for a long time, well since the past two years!
We have been so busy with traveling, cleaning, getting last minute details figured out. All I can say is Uffda! This past year has been so memorable with our families and friends. I know I have touched on our bridal shower before but now after going through the many wonderful gifts receive and swapping old items for new, my heart sinks with happiness all over again. With the many gifts I received, let’s just say these ladies know me very well. I call it “Must Haves for a Future Bride’s Kitchen” and here a just a few of my favorites!
1. Pioneer Women’s Cookbook. The famous Ree Drummond lived the city life for quite sometime and while home visiting she fell in love with a cowboy. Her website offers readers what is going on the ranch, new recipes, photography lessons, and much more! She published a cookbook with her favorite recipes! For a cooking lover like me, I’m thrilled to try each recipe. I just might have a challenge! The next book on my list from her is about her basset hound Charlie!

2. Lefse board and rolling pin. Ever since I was born, my grandma and grandpa would make numerous packages of lefse! So, it’s only appropriate to follow in their Norwegian roots and start making some of our own, down the road. We love making pastries right now and the item is versatile for make pie crust, breads, and more!

3. More cookbooks. A woman can never have too many cookbooks! I remember my mom having a large cabinet drawer in the kitchen filled with cookbooks. Many are passed down by generations and some are built around family traditions. These fun cookbooks that I received will be put to go use!

This past weekend, we were away from home to celebrate our last time as single people. Dustin when to went to Kansas City for the races and came back a red cherry tomato. On the other hand, my girlfriends threw a party for me in Willmar and we went to a winery! While we were away, Jet stayed in Philip with his “girlfriend” Bella, the neighbor’s dog. Here are a few pose from him before we left:
Also, before we left we watered our plants very good and we have produce! That’s right, you heard me correctly!

Well I better get back to my to-do list! I just wanted to stop by and say that I’m still alive! I hope to blog a few times before our wedding!

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