29 days later…

Uffda,time is getting away from me once again! It has been mad crazy around here lately. Truly the story of our lives is: in the car, out of the car! After getting married, we have been constantly traveling and I have now worked a full two weeks at work. It takes awhile to get back into the swing of things!

So this is what we have been us to:
June 25 – I became Mrs. Koepke! I’m still getting use to the name. At work, it varies often what last name will say.

June 26 – We started our Alaskan excursion. It was cool, beautiful, amazing, and relaxing! Can I go back?


July 9 – My best friend said ‘I do’! And, I was so honored to be part of her special day!

July 14 – I chopped 5 inches off!

July 17 – This is what our house looks like now. I call it “a home tornado!” We had gift opening and now we have to make room for our beautiful gifts! I just think we need a larger house.

And for Jet, I think he’s glad to be home for awhile too!

So I hope I caught you up on things! Since I haven’t been able to be home enough to do a load of laundry, I don’t have any new recipes. However, I have a new idea in the forecast. Come back at the end of the week for details!


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