Note to self…

I’m not an expert foodie by all means but I do like to whip up some tasty goodies when I can. However, I can’t take all the credit for my wonderful masterpieces because I usually snatch a recipe or two from those that proclaim themselves as foodies. This thought leads me onto my today’s discussion: recipe ideas.
All I can say is web searching can be dangerous, especially when you stumble across something called Pinterest! I have read many other blogs, which the ladies rave about and I can see why. I didn’t sign up to be part of the addiction but simply just meandered around the site. And, boy oh boy I think I got myself into to trouble.
This site is a “catalog” to place all the things you love. Well all I know is that I love everything and I knew that if I did sign up for this, my “catalog” would of filled with food!

So after looking through so many good looking pictures of food (Disclaimer: I almost ate the computer screen that it was making me so hungry), I stumbled upon these sites from Pinterest. And this is what I got: blogs and blogs about food

As I drooled over the many tasty recipes these websites offer, I knew I was no match to become an ultimate foodie but to utilize these sites as guides as I continue to craft tasty menu items for my husband and I devour. So note to self: food blogs can be dangerous (they can take up your whole day!) To end the day, I’m going to create a challenge, a cooking challenge that is…look for more details Aug. 1st!
Enjoy your last weekend of July!

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