Good morning everyone! I hope your day has started out well. This morning, I started out my day with a phone call to my G’pa! He has been concerned since last week when a storm ripped through the central part of the state. And, for this girl, I have been pretty busy. But, it was good to hear how things were going at the home front.
Anyways, this blog post isn’t about me. I just wanted write a blog about Jet’s lady friend. Yes, he does have a girlfriend and I think they are in love! This week, Dustin and I are watching our neighbor’s basset, Bella since she has given birth to her daughter.
Jet was eager this morning to get over to see Bella for the 4th day in a row. What a handsome fella he is! He has been able to run around in our neighbor’s backyard with Bella, drink out of the swimming pool, and try to eat Bella’s food but she puts him in his place!
Without further a due, meet Bella!
Bella says hello! She howls every time we arrive at the back gate but I don’t know if she’s excited that Jet is back or excited to see me! I think she has mixed feelings. A little background on Bella: she’s much, much older than Jet. She’s already a momma to two litter of pups, but don’t let her rollie pollies fool you, she loves her walks!
This is what my mornings consist of…getting drug across the street by Jet due to his excitement of playing with Bella for the day!
And they play!

Then they look at each other with love!

After of a minute of Jet prancing on Bella, they part ways. Bella munches on her food.
On the other hand, Jet…
Drinks out of the swimming pool! You gotta love him!

I don’t know what they do for the rest of the day because Dustin and I need to work so we can feed his body! But, I hope he isn’t destroying anything! I know we are going to have to replace a few things. Like while we were off on our honeymoon, he destroyed our neighbor’s swing cushion. Oh brother! Anyways, hope you all have a great rest of the day!
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