I think Fall is my favorite season of the four. I love watching the leaves turn color. I love decorating my home with fall items to make it more cozy. I love the cool nights that allow me to cuddle up on the sofa and watch my favorite sitcom. Most importantly, I love fall baking because it leads me right in to Christmas baking! There are more reasons why I love this season, but I think I will just stop right where I am at.
Last night, my husband and I were able to do something together for the first time as a married couple. Carve pumpkins. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in ages. I did kind of cheat this year because I purchased a carving set and outlines at Hobby Lobby over the weekend. Dustin made a scary pumpkin. I honestly don’t know what you call the guy and I carved an alien. Let’s just say, Dustin won the pumpkin carving contest.

Ta Da, Dustin’s masterpiece!

My alien creation!
Since we didn’t have actual candles, Dustin improvised and used our dining room light to get the full effect. All together now, Ohhh, Ahhh!
Once we got our pumpkins all done, I baked our pumpkins seeds thanks to Food Network for an easy recipe in this month’s magazine.

I would like to mention about this past weekend too. I was able to have a girls day and we sure went all out! My coworker Codi, her dear friend Mary and I went to a concert. It just wasn’t a concert, the main performer-well I like everything about her-she’s amazing…Miranda Lambert! So here is what you missed:

The Randy Rogers Band opened for Miranda Lambert. A very good group I must say.

Justin Moore was there too!
Oh wait, look who I ran into. My other coworker and dear friend Mary!

Oh yes, she’s the real deal! My dream is to play a pink guitar like her!

And she even brought the Pistol Annies-a new group and they are amazing!
And we all I had a great time! Thanks for the ladies day, gals!

So there you have it! This weekend, I will be sure to have some more exciting things to tell you about as Dustin and I are heading to SuFu (short for Sioux Falls) to see my family-since its been long overdue! We are going to be taking in a Augustana Football (my sister-in-law’s brother starts for them) and it will be exciting to see everyone again.

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