Greatest Invention: DVR

After taking a long break from many things in my life, such as blogging, I think I’m back…well I hope! The past six months have been interesting. To make a long story short, Dustin and I made a move from small town Philip to a little bigger town Milbank, left our jobs, living with friends in their basement, and will soon endure some more life changing situations again-that’s for another blog post.

Since living “homeless” as one of my co-workers says it, our living arrangements isn’t exactly what typical newlyweds would experience their first year of marriage. We had to quickly learn how to take care of the two little children, changing diapers, and dealing with temper tantrums. Besides that, we have most certainly had ‘our’ time too.

One thing that Dustin is thoroughly enjoying is DVR. We didn’t have that nifty item out in Philip and thanks to living with our friends, Dustin now has invaded it. The power of DVR allows us to record shows that we are going to miss. When we first start utilizing the piece of equipment, I thought I was addicted to reality TV, which is now a phase, because our friend had American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance all recorded. Now the DVR recording consists of the few following television shows:

All I can think about while watching this show is hoping that if we were to own a restaurant in the future, I’m going to do all my best to make money because I don’t want Robert Irvin to come visit us. He looks like a drill sergeant but he’s truly a miracle worker. Some episodes feature people that have never had any restaurant or cooking experience, and they are trying to make it. I think it would be very interesting yet time consuming to own a restaurant ourselves, only one mandatory thing is that I can make baked goods, I’ll have to run that by Dustin!

Next thing we have on DVR is The Next Food Network Star. You’ll never see me on TV but watching these contestants battle it out for their own show on the network is absolutely amazing. Season 8 just started and I remember watching season five when Melissa d’Arabian took home the title, and I was hooked. Well you know Dustin and I would be tuned into this season because Dustin’s idol is one of the coaches…Alton Brown! Obviously we are cheering on for his team, but I do have my favorites that aren’t part of Brown’s team, like Michele Ragussis and Martita Jara.

Speaking of Alton Brown, recently Dustin has been DVRing all his Good Eats shows. I swear some episodes we have seen multiple times but he insists that we haven’t! Anyways, most of the recipes on the television show should be in the cookbook, right? We do have Good Eats and Good Eats 2, all that I need to do know now is for Dustin just to meet Mr. Brown! He would faint if that were to ever happen!

Thankfully I’m able to DVR one show besides other than reality shows by our friend and Dustin’s multiply cooking shows. Don’t get me wrong, I do like some reality shows like Big Brother, but this summer I’m tuning into America’s Got Talent – so much better than American Idol or X Factor. Yes, it is funny to see some people come out to preform their oddly 1 million dollar act that is not such a great act in the first place. However, some people blow me away. Like last year’s act, Silhouettes, which should of won! This year, there are some amazing acts so we’ll just have to wait who gets past the Las Vegas rounds!

Is it strange that one, small piece of technology makes a person happy? If you find yourself DVRing too, please let me know…we might have to start a therapy group! That reminds me, I should of DVR’d Dogs in City…it’s premiering tonight and I don’t think I’ll get home tonight in time! AHH, THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY!


2 thoughts on “Greatest Invention: DVR

  1. Oh Sara! We have the DVR bug at our house too! We upgraded to ‘The Hopper’ with Dish Network, and we can now record up to 6 shows at once! But my favorite thing, it has an ‘auto hop’ so you don’t have to fast forward through commercials, it does it for you!

    • Up to 6 shows at once? Dustin would be in heaven! All I can think about when someone says ‘The Hopper’ I get the chuckles b/c all I think about is their ridiculous commercial!

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