Green Knees…

The start of my blogging was thanks to my, what I thought was, green thumb. We tried to attempt to grow a garden and my dearest grandparents wanted regular updates. Our first garden-we had okay luck but had battle grasshoppers most of the time.

This summer will now be our second garden and we are glad that we have friends to do it with. Last weekend, I slaved behind a lawn mower for three hours to gather grass clippings for our large garden to try to kill off those pesky weeds.

Dustin and I really enjoy using fresh produce in our meals. This year we planted an array of vegetables from peppers and tomatoes to beets to brussel sprouts.

And after much tender, loving, care, our plants are sprouting from the ground.

I’m not very cognoscente in the gardening department but I definitely try to make an effort to be.

Last night, of course I miss David Letterman, Michelle Obama was on there with the Top 10 Fun Facts about Gardening, click here to view the clip.

Mrs. Obama was also promoting her new book, which I might just have to add to my book shelf. It would be interesting to see what the White House kitchen does.

Are you gardening this year? I would like to hear what plants you plan to harvest this year. And if you have any good salsa recipes, this amateur caner would like to know a recipe or two!

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

Eeyore, from A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh


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