Southern Cooking in the North…

Nothing beats good ol’ southern cooking!

I remember the days when I was a little youngster, my family and I traveled down to Alabama to visit family friends that we had met through the Peanut Butter & Milk Festival – a sister-city program, partnered through my hometown and the Hartford FFA chapters.

My family was actively involved for many years. Both my brother and myself traveled through the FFA program and my parents were chaperones on several occasions. Through this program, we met some amazing friends that we still keep in touch with. In matter of the fact, my family and I hosted the 50th National Peanut Queen. One good story that I have to plug in, I was in 2nd grade and I kindly asked the Peanut Queen if I could take her crown in for show-n-tell! To this day, my second grade teacher still talks about it and how nervous she was that I brought such a precious piece for show-n-tell.

Anywho, for those you have traveled down south and observed their food, you have to agree with me that nothing beats their cooking! It’s so hard to describe. Their food is succulent, melts in your mouth and you could just keep eating and eating! Just don’t visit if you are planning to lose weight!

One thing original to the south is their grits! They are usually made for breakfast and when I was kid visiting Alabama, I wasn’t very keen them. Well now that I have grown older, my taste buds have changed-and I made them!

In Pioneer Women’s first cookbook, she had a recipe for cheesy grits. I thought they would be paired very well with Dustin’s BBQ ribs & steaks he was making, don’t ask me for his recipe because I have no idea what he did. So I conquered my first Pioneer Woman recipe!

Stove top full of goodies!

As I sat down with my plate last night of good food, all I kept thinking about was my numerous times visiting our friends in Alabama. One day I will get back down there.


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