Weekend Recap…

We had a jam-packed weekend that I had to take one day to recover. At my age (which I feel old some days), the weekends don’t seem long enough to possibly get everything accomplished.

Since Dustin and I don’t make it home often, we are usually exhausted when we arrive home from visiting. This past weekend we specifically went home for my cousin’s wedding. It was a great time to see family relatives and friends.

So here is a run down of our weekend events:

1. Friday night outing with friends

My dear, best friend Rachael!

The whole gang together for a Friday night out of drinks!

2. Family photos at my cousin’s wedding

Majority of the Thissen/Gillen clan at Zach & Danielle’s Wedding

Dustin & I with my folks…even my dad’s aunt Luella got into the family photo.

3. Celebrating Father’s Day

Dad with all his kids for a Father’s Day lunch!

Photo opp with his two favorite kids…

Or are these his two favorite kids?!?!

Even Dustin “celebrated” Father’s Day with Jet!

4. Storm Warnings

Storms were brewing when we were traveling home from Bristol.

There was significant damage on Big Stone Lake, but we didn’t have damage where we are living. Reports say there was a tornado on the lake and 110 mph winds, also no one was was hurt.

These are not mountains!

Let’s just say we were happy to get home after a busy yet fun weekend! Even Jet was excited to get home…


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