The House That Built Me…

This afternoon, I blog from the steps of the home I grew up in with Jet sitting next to me and day 2 of listening air guns rapidly firing nails into the roof of a new home. The whole weekend we have spent preparing for my parents big move, which will officially happen sometime in August. I assisted my mom pitching stuff from late 1990s and Dustin slaved away on top of the roof shingling. All around one can say its been quite a productive weekend.

This transition has been bittersweet. I recall back to my parents calling me while we still resided in Philip informing us big changes were going to occur. Many of those changes included dispersing the whole cattle herd, ripping down the grainery that greeted you when you drove into the driveway, and the silo that sat next to the old, worn down barn-which will eventually fall as well.

This house was first occupied by my great-grandparents followed by my grandparents then us. Most of the house has its original trim work and 1980s avocado green carpet. I have been able to create many memories in this home from countless sleepovers and movie nights to endless yelling my brother and I would create and the laughter with friends and family.

Only able to tackle one room of the many in this farmhouse was very overwhelming to lightly say. As my brother and I sat down with our mother to pitch outdated stuff, it was fun to recall some memories. The “office” housed mostly mom’s quilting items, Christmas wrapping, and our many 4-H items and awards. Overtime, my parents have traveled to many cattle shows and have accumulated several wood plaques and ribbons. And overtime my brother and I have appreciated the memories, but there was no need to keep them. At that point, I think the moving and throwing stuff sunk into my mother.

Anywho, I look forward to what other memories will surface from the dust when we conquer another room some other time. In the meantime, my parents new home will continue to take shape and I will continue to recite the lyrics from Miranda Lambert’s The House That Built Me song. Enjoy the photos from the weekend!



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