Over the Weekend…

I can’t believe how quickly Monday vanished yesterday! Usually, Mondays are the devil. They tend to drag on, assignments pile the work desk, and it just they just seem never ending. Since I forgot to recap on a fun weekend yesterday, here is the rundown:

1. Friday evening Dustin and I had the house to ourselves, we had plans to just stay home, eat supper, and watch a movie…two of those things occurred. We stayed home and ate supper. We had been saying for the last three weeks that we were going to watch this movie from Netflix…thank goodness they don’t have late fees!

2. Saturday I went to work in the morning then Dustin and I took in Farley Fest a little bit in the afternoon. Farley Fest is Milbank’s town days, I guess you could call it. They have the typical arts-in-the-park, variety of activities, fireworks, and parade. Also going on was a cook-off (which I was trying to get Dustin to enter), many competitors around the area came to Lake Farley to smoke their best chicken, brisket and ribs recipes. Let’s just say, there were a few contenders!

One things that this small community has is ONE BIG concert as well! This year, they brought country powerhouses David Nail and Chris Cagle to town. And I have to say, they were phenomenal!

This is Jennifer! She’s an awesome coworker!

3. Sunday was playing catch up – few loads of laundry, clean our basement home and finally watching that movie!


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