A Day In Jet’s World…

(True words spoken by myself, Jet!)

I want to take this time to tell you the truth about me. I know my wonderful owners have probably shared many stories, some may could possibly be true but I would love to share you my story. First, please don’t mistake me for Flash, the dog off the Dukes of Hazards movie. I get it a lot!

Each morning I’m woken by dogs barking and greeted with Sara in front of my kennel to let me run free. I have to be kenneled every night because they may think I might do mischievous things during the night.

Do you like my self portrait?

The first thing on my mind is what’s in the food bowl outside. They usually put scraps from those munchkins that don’t eat all their food. Sometimes there are a few goodies, but I like the nights when they have steak then I get a good ol’ chew bone, which keeps me content for 10 minutes.

Right before Sara heads to work, she leashes me on a line that lets me run around outside but only at a restricted distance. I don’t think they would appreciate me running around the fields, visiting neighbors, or doing mischievous things like I mentioned before. However, she does gives me a treat that lasts for about 2 minutes.

While they are away from work, I find myself lounging around, getting a few cat naps in, breaking into the garage (which my owners don’t appreciate), or digging a hole (which they don’t appreciate that either). It seems like the 7 hours they are away goes by slow. Then they are home to let my little legs run around.

But that doesn’t last for long because when the munchkins come home, one in particular isn’t fond of me. I don’t know how she couldn’t be, just look at me! When she wants to go outside to play, she insists that I’m on the leash so I don’t go within a certain distance of her. It feels like she has some sort of restraining order against me, not fair!

Anyways, I absolutely love my life. My owners are great! They play with me, give me car rides, feed me treats, and watch my weight. My life is great!


Jet or Jet-pack is what they call me

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