Wedding Glasses…

The first weekend in July, we attended a really good friend of Dustin’s wedding. It was on the prairie of Bison, SD. We were literally in a pasture watching them say their vows to one another.

Well it seems every wedding I attend with my in-laws, I thoroughly enjoy being them, especially my sister-in-law’s significant other Scott. It all started with all five of us kids piling into a Ford Focus and driving about 4 hours to our destination.

Half way through the trip, I ask Scott if he brought the “wedding glasses”? Now these glasses go back to our wedding. Scott was an usher for our wedding and he sported these glasses majority of the time. By the time the wedding was over, we would occasionally take turn wearing them.

Thankfully there was a spare in the tiny Focus that we just had to sport them at our friend’s wedding.

Here are our sibling “wedding glasses” mug shots:

Lil Red (Em)



Wedding Glasses King himself, Scott


And finally, Dustin

Until the next family wedding…


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