Happy Friday…

I love Fridays! I try to have my weekend planned by Wednesday so when it comes Thursday and Friday, those days go by fast. This weekend, I don’t have anything planned for once! I might finish a book that I have been at for 6 months, maybe clean our living area, or do some canning…who knows!

For the past couple days on my way into to work, I find 4-H youth working on their livestock projects and it brings a smile to my face recalling all the memories I have had. This morning on my way into work, they were working with their sheep, trying to get them set-up and brace. I remember those days waking up early in the morning to get out and get an hours work in before the deadly hot heat arose.

Speaking of heat, it’s sure taking atoll on crops, livestock, basically everything! Last night I was watching the local news and they showed a drought map. Majority of South Dakota is in a drought. The most severe drought is located in the western and southern parts of the state.

Here in Northeast South Dakota, it’s plenty warm that even our neighbor’s cattle (thankfully) have a place to cool down!

This weekend, stay cool!


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