Playing Catch Up…

Do you hate the feeling when you start something and then get sidetracked? I just don’t like that feeling. I feel like I’m playing catch up constantly…never a good feeling.

Recently I put all gardening and laundry and other things on my huge list of to do’s aside, and traveled. Two weekends ago, I was at my hometown gathering with my family for a fish fry. My grandparents went to a Alaska for a month and shipped fresh fish home that my grandpa wrangled with his fishing pole.

Then with working a day, I was back on the road to home for my mom to drop me off at the airport in the cities. I was traveling to Atlanta for the National Thirty-One Conference.

I have been a consultant for a 1 1/2 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. There are so many wonderful ladies that have opened their hearts and homes to me and offer the opportunity.

It was my first year attending and I was completely overwhelmed by the end of it. I have set my goals higher and hope to continue to “live it up” till next year’s conference. The photos will tell you how much fun I had learning and growing as a consultant!

A view from our hotel room – we could see Olympic Park!

Sea of ladies – there were over 14,000 beautiful, wonderful, & dedicated consultants!

The one qualified recruit I mentor!

Cindy Monroe – CEO and Founder of Thirty-One!

Team Photo!

My sponsor and longtime family friend!

Looking ahead to the following year as I continue to grow as a person, but hope to help other ladies achieve their own dreams! Like Scott Monroe said at conference, “we offer hope in a form of a skirt purse!”


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