My Gardening Addiction…

My busy schedule hasn’t allowed me to be the best garden caretaker that I visioned. A couple days ago, I finally step foot into the garden and was absolutely stunned. Not because there was no bugs being pests. Not because everything was dried up. But because due to the lack of moisture, we have an abundance of  vegetables and fruit.

Our 12 tomato plants have decided to finally turn! Yes you read correctly, 12 plants!

Onions, carrots, and beets are popping through the surface!

The brussels sprout plant is making a good effort. In all honestly, I don’t know how to care for this plant and don’t know when it hit their mature level. I just love eating them that I wanted to plant it.

The beautiful sight of banana peppers.

We have a feeling that there will be another round of beans growing soon. The plants are in full blossom again!

And, we have watermelon. And, I mean HAVE…like 10 of them growing around. We have never planted watermelon before so this has been such a delight to see growing!

I feel great success from this year’s garden. I’m already starting to map out next year’s garden and that depends on where will be located, but it will happen.


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