Apple Orchard Adventures…

Obviously my life has not change one bit, always on the go. It feels like I can barely squeeze in time to watch a few of my favorite television shows. Currently, I have turned into a bookworm by picking up a few books to read. I’m infused into the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Don’t ask me about my thoughts about it.

However, between bebopping from Milbank to Mitchell, I have tried to make time for fun activities to keep me occupy. Yesterday, I visited an apple orchard. It’s been forever ago when I first visited an orchard. That’s how long it has been if I can’t remember. Since fall is my favorite season, it was a must this year to visit one.

It was absolutely a breathtaking trip to the orchard, with the leaves turning into their exuberant fall colors and I was eager for my arrival.

When I arrived, I was in awe! Three hundred apple trees greeted me! My fellow coworker and I were able to visit with the owner herself, Bette. She is absolutely pleasant and willing to share her story about her “little” retirement project. Her apple orchard has been featured in several publications, read an article here.

Bette, owner, sorting apples.

Crates of apples at the Big Stone Apple Ranch

They even offer homemade, canned pickles, jam, sauerkraut, and other goodies.

I purchased enough apples to make apple crisp, apple pie filling, and apple butter. To give you a glimpse of my apple infatuation, the following recipes I will most likely be using.

#1: Apple Crisp, courtesy of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

#2: Apple Butter, courtesy of My Baking Addiction

#3: Apple Pie Filling, courtesy of Our Best Bites

Don’t be surprise if I go hog wild on blogging this month and the next. Like I said before, fall is my favorite season and I love being submersed in the season from warmer clothes to baking and leaves turning to the holidays!


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