Christmas Favorites #1…

It’s the beginning on December and I keep neglecting my blog! I promise I have a good reason though.

November rolled around, I failed to keep my blog updated.

I quit my job at the Shopper, because…

I know I’m working my dream job…a county 4-H Advisor!

There…I think that was a good reason.

I have been at my new job for a week now and there is a lot of rebuilding, but I’m in heaven. I’m in love. This couldn’t of come at a better time. With my new job, I’m able to travel on the weekend to see people, to do things, to sleep in…it’s pretty much amazing.

This past weekend, I traveled home to see my folks. It’s been awhile since I was there. They are finally moved into their home and I got to see Jetster, Jetpack, Jetty…but I usually call him Jet – our beloved Basset Hound. That’s another story why he now lives in Minnesota for a different time.

My time at home was pretty short lived but pretty amazing. I have one family Christmas event checked off and only three more to go. I love going home during Christmas time because I love driving through town and seeing our town decorations.


(Note: Photo and video were taken with my phone.)

Yes…I know what you are thinking. They look like hanging bras! It has been my mom’s and I’s joke for several years now. As I put this on my Facebook page, I had several comments from some locals. Others say they look like: sunglasses, evil eyes or Mrs. Claus’s bra. They will always be the Christmas bras to me!

These Christmas decorations have been part of my hometown since 1935. They hang 25 strands throughout town and each strand has 66 light bulbs. Each strand is 90 feet in length and the loop strands are 45 ft long. All I can say is impressive!

While I was home, I got to spend a little time with my mommy. We went to the nearby town to do a few errands and we couldn’t pass up driving around looking at Christmas decorations. There is a street where you turn your radio to a certain station and their lights are synced to music. Absolutely amazing…practically Griswold worth!

Like Clark Griswold said, ” our holidays were always such a mess!” I hope your holidays are better than the Griswolds!


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