Christmas Favorite #3…

My third Christmas favorite is always a daunting task but it most certainly needs to get done. Christmas letters will always be a Christmas favorite of mine. To this day-close to Christmas time, when I get to my folk’s I immediately pick up the basket holding the cards and roll up on the couch to read all the Christmas letter that they have received. Obviously they receive more than Dustin and I, so it’s my perfect opportunity to learn what our family friends have been keeping busy over the year.

To produce an annual Christmas card is a daunting task. There are so many things that go into getting it out in the mail.

First, you have to take a photo. IMG_0318

Second, go online or a store kiosk to find the perfect card.

Third, write the letter.

Fourth, print the letter.

Fifth, stuff the envelope.

Sixth, have a glass a wine.

Seventh, lick and seal the envelop. And yes, I do like to lick the envelop!

Eighth, address the envelop.

Are we done yet?

And finally, put a festive stamp on it and delivery it to the post office!

I hope you agree with me that it’s a daunting task…well I guess step three and four are optional…but it’s so worth it! Matter of fact, mine are going out in the mail today. It’s such exciting time.


Read our family Christmas letter if you would like: I was pretty limited on paper so only a few select received a hard copy written by yours truly.




And, a joy of mine is receiving our own Christmas card. We already received a few from family and friends. It’s just so much fun to see.



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