Christmas Favorite #5…

Christmas is fast approaching with only 8 days left! Jeepers, I better get my Christmas shopping completed. I’m okay with being a procrastinator.

There are so many symbols that represent the Christmas season – mistletoe, reindeer, Santa Claus, cards, light, cookies, The Three Wise Men, and the Christmas tree.


The warm feelings of driving through the neighborhood, goggling over the lights and the lighted trees preached in family homes. There is such a variety of the trees.

Real or Artificial.

Pine or Fir.

Green or White.

Short or Tall.

Skinny or Fat.

The list could go on.

I love Christmas trees. White lights, colored lights, it doesn’t matter. Tinsel or beads, very traditional. Flowers or bows, still beautiful. Handmade or purchase ornaments, sentimental.



The best part of any Christmas tree are the beautifully decorated wrapped gifts that lay underneath the tree. Yes, I do have admit that being in my mid-20s I still browse under the tree to see if there are gifts for me. I have refrained from shaking the gifts years ago!




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