Christmas Favorite #7

I set here in Bristol, SD-small town USA-staring outside the window at the balmy winter weather. On this Christmas Eve, we are starting our first Christmas celebration. And boy, has it started out with a bang…majority of the family is either getting over the flu or receiving the repercussions of it.

In the midst of the holiday preparations, I have been blogging about my Christmas favorites. Today’s Christmas favorite definitely knows how to melt a heart…and I mean literally melt!

Yesterday, I got a few things moved into Grandma’s and while I was in there, Grandma was baking. She was giving me the run down of all things she had been making. Homemade caramels that melt in your mouth, Pray bars that melt your thoughts, and Special K bars that melt in your belly.

Also added to this list is Grandma’s divine popcorn. For a person like me that enjoys popcorn, these hit a holiday sweet spot. Grandma was itching to get these popcorn balls made so I thought I would jump right in.

We followed a recipe that she has used for a long time.


I was in charge of making the syrup mixture while she popped the popcorn. I was fascinated when I read the recipe. At the bottom, the instructions state cook until a few drops in cold water form a hard ball. Her mom use to do this because candy thermometers must of not been invented yet.


Then with the works of my Grandma’s hand and my talented pouring skills, we combined the mixture!


And she formed the mixture into these beautiful, tasty popcorn balls!



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