4-H Teaches Science…

It has been three months since I started my ‘dream’ job with the local 4-H program. It sure has been a challenge, but I would like to know a new job that doesn’t have any challenges. The greatest part of this job is working with the youth and adults. And man, do kids sure have quite the imagination.

One thing that I enjoy about 4-H is that it teaches youth leadership skills and how to positively impact their communities. There are many aspects to the 4-H program from science to citizenship and healthy living.

The program that I enjoy the most is science. According the National 4-H Organization, the 4-H Science programs reach more than 5 million youth with hands-on learning experiences to ensure global competitiveness and prepare the next generation of science, engineering, and technology leaders.

It’s truly amazing what kids will come up with when you give them a few, simple supplies and instruction to build something scientific. In January, our local 4-H program held a LEGO competition. It allowed area youth to bring their LEGOs and build something amazing.







I learned something from a youth during his Public Presentation that the LEGO bricks developed in the 1960s can connect with those created today. Also fascinating, when I was younger we use our imagination to build something cool; however, they now came out with kits with millions of piece to create the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or a city garbage truck.

When I first started my job, I came across a kit called the LEGO Mindstorms. I opened up the container and soon became very fascinated. However, with all the different facets of my position, I haven’t had time to create a programmable robot. And the nice thing, I have youth in 4-H and adults that would love to get a Robotics team together. I feel my inner child coming out!


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