Friendships Through Camp…

This past week, I hauled three of seven boys to 4-H Camp. On the way down, we talked about their favorite video games, movies, and summer plans. The minute we arrived at the campground the excitement got more exuberant as they were anticipating what it will be like.

Every year, youth get excited during this time of the year. This may be some members first camp experience or they have been seasoned campers.

This year’s theme was 4-H To The Rescue. The theme was based around survival. Groups were called First Responders, EMTs, Sheriff, and so on to give it that theme feel. Throughout the three-days, youth were able to participate in different sessions like Geocaching, Water Rockets, NASA, Robotics, and much more.

Besides all the fun activities, time in the lake, or singing camp songs, youth are able to build friendships that will make them want to go back next year. These friendships and experiences that were made this past weekend will last a lifetime!





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